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Helping You Give Your Loved One’s Certainty Through Estate Planning

Throughout our lifetime, we strive to create a legacy for our loved ones. However, to reduce stress and confusion, regarding how you might wish to distribute your assets, it’s helpful to develop a comprehensive estate plan with an attorney. It is never too late to plan for the future and protect those you care about, your property, finances, or business. Drafting an estate plan means certainty and less stress for your beneficiaries after your passing.

At Lake Law Firm, P.A., in St. Petersburg, our attorneys help you plan for the future by developing inclusive estate plans to implement your last wishes and protect your business and family in face of the unexpected. As we discuss your needs, those of your family and we will work together to craft the documents required to meet your expectations.

Your Property, Your Decisions

Estate planning includes various documents aiming at distributing the assets of a deceased individual. This set of legal tools also includes instructions for the parties involved. A benefit of such planning is the possibility to appoint an executor or administrator to take care of their matters in a designated area (health, finances, businesses, real estate matters) in the event of the owner’s death or incapacitation.

Our attorney advises and assists clients in the drafting of the following documents, to mention a few:

  • Legal counseling in choosing between a will or a trust or having both
  • Drafting of a power of attorney (medical financial, durable, general)
  • Living wills, also known as directives to physicians
  • Advisory and guidance in uncontested probate actions

While we draft your estate plan, we will also review your individual circumstances and develop solutions to fulfill your wishes. While creating an estate plan is a good first step, it’s also essential to keep your plan up-to-date after its initial creation. We help our Florida clients review and update their documents to adapt to their current needs, no matter their stage of life. Our services include legal representation through the probate process to make it as streamlined as possible.

Protect What You Care About The Most. Plan Today.

Have an experienced lawyer address your questions and concerns regarding your estate plan today. Call our St. Petersburg office at 727-361-2256 or send us an email to schedule an appointment. We serve clients throughout the Tampa Bay region.